Accessorise your Walking Stick with these handy gadgets

1 August 2015  |  Admin

Our focus of late in these blog posts has been mainly on the range of sticks and canes we have available online and in our shop, so today I thought we would take a little look at those handy little additions that we have available for our walking sticks at the Stick and Cane Shop. For many people accessories are not just a nice little add-on, but are a necessity to allow them to be able to use their walking sticks effectively and without incident. Whether it is as simple as a wrist strap or an attachment to allow improved stability or grip, we are sure to have the necessary add-on for your walking stick at the Stick and Cane Shop.

Maybe storage is what you are after and you need a buy a trendy new pouch for to transport your folding walking stick so that your stick doesn't get damaged in between uses, or perhaps you are needing a matching wrist cord to complement your stick and improve security, you will find the ideal walking stick accessory at the Stick and Cane Shop. Included in this section we also have clips to hold together your folding walking stick when it's not in use, we also have the very useful ice-grip attachment to provide extra stability in icy conditions - a useful investment for winter, but also useful in the summer if you are on grassy surfaces as this gives added grip. Moreover, we have a variety of walking stick holders which you can attach to worksurfaces around the house, so that you can keep your stick in place when not in use, helping to prevent that pesky stick from falling to the ground or getting knocked over. These accessories may be small, but they can be incredibly useful over time.

So lets take a browse through the selection we have chosen for you this week, these gadgets are definitely useful to have around that once you start using them you will wonder how you ever managed without them!

Flexyfoot Ferrule
The shock-absorbing, anti-slip Flexyfoot is designed to replace the old-fashioned rubber ferrule. You may not even have heard of the term ‘ferrule’ before? Not many people have – it’s sometimes referred to as a walking stick tip, cap or rubber stopper and is the brass or rubber bit that covers the bottom of your walking stick or cane. Flexyfoot gives improved grip on all types of terrain and eases the aches and pains associated with constant stress and impact on joints. They are suitable for people of all ages and levels of fitness.Flexyfoot is made up of two separate parts to allow you to renew the ‘foot’section when worn or damaged without replacing the whole Flexyfoot. The uniquely designed bellows help create shock absorption, which in turn can help relieve pain and discomfort. And because the bellows make the ferrule flexible, it will stay in contact with the ground even over rough terrain. This can help make you feel more comfortable and secure.

See our full range of FlexyFoot Ferrules here.

Cane Holder

If you are fed up with your walking stick or cane slipping away when you rest it against a wall or furniture surface when you need to use both hands, then this Cane Holder accessory will be ideal for you! This cane holder clips easily onto your stick holding your stick in position while you go about your tasks without any worry. Just unclip to retrieve your stick.

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Wrist Cords

The wrist cords attach simply with an elasticated strap to a walking stick and are ideal for retaining the stick whilst using the hands for something else. The Leather plaited wrist cord (pictured above) attaches simply with an elasticated strap and pop fastener. Fasten to a walking stick just under the handle and it is ideal for retaining the stick whilst using the hands for something else. Colour/Material: Brown Leather

See our full range of wrist cords here.

Pouches for Folding Sticks

This is a very useful Brown and fawn checked canvas pouch to hold folding walking sticks. Velcro fastening and belt loop on back. It will take most 4 section folding sticks, but not those with either anatomical or crook handles. We have an assorted range of different styles of walking stick pouches at the Stick and Cane Shop.

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Stay stable on Icy or Grassy surfaces with this attachment

The Ice Cane Attachment fits on the end of your walking stick over the ferrule to give extra grip in icy conditions and to help prevent your stick sliding on ice or snow. It will also work well for grassy areas in summer if you need extra grip and stability. Fitted with a spring so it can be easily flipped up when going indoors or into a shopping centre. Comes with 2 lengths of screws so it can be fitted to most sizes of canes.