Adjustable Sticks

Do you find that the usual length of canes are unsuitable for your height or gait? Perhaps you would benefit from an Adjustable Walking Stick.

What are the advantages of an adjustable walking stick?

Adjustable sticks are extendable and this is achieved by a telescopic twist mechanism, that allows you to finely tune the height of your cane, or an adjustable pin mechanism that extends in small increments. We have adjustable sticks in a variety of models, shapes, sizes and handle types, including hiking poles. Whether you prefer a derby handle over a crutch handle, or a crook handle over an anatomical handle, we have adjustable canes available in all. So if you find the average size of canes too short or too long, an Adjustable Walking Stick from the Stick and Cane Shop will be ideal for you.

If you're searching for a stick that can fit into your bag, why not browse our folding walking stick collection. We also have a wide range of wooden and metal standard walking sticks.