Many people use interchangeably walking stick and walking cane as words who have an identical meaning. However those terms refer to two separate types of mobility devices that answer different needs. Choosing between a walking stick and a cane is a process that involves practical choices. This object must be selected for the comfort it provides as well as for its durability.

This guide is thus intended to help you understand the difference between a walking stick and a walking cane and enable you to make the best decision according to your needs. Our catalogue of walking sticks and walking canes gives you a wide choice, whatever your tastes and technical requirements. The latter depends on the type of walking you do and this guide will help you define it.


Walking sticks and canes have been used since time immemorial, especially by shepherds. The Riddle of the Sphinx is a riddle which, according to Greek mythology, was put to Oedipus by the Sphinx, who found the solution.

The riddle is: "Which being, with one voice, has four legs in the morning, two legs at noon, and three legs at night?" The hero's correct answer is "Man", who as a child walks on all fours, as an adult stands alone and as an old man leans on a stick.

Of course, walking canes and sticks are not just for the elderly but for anyone who wants or needs a walking aid. With the following information, we intend to help you define your needs so that you can find the right walking-aid.



The walking stick or a walking cane is a long-term walking-aid.

Walking sticks provide support for a user's body weight as they transfer weight from the legs to the upper body. They are designed to be used on a regular basis to help find great balance and stability and improve mobility.

The walking stick or a walking cane can also be a helpful accessory.

Walking Sticks & Canes offer many benefits, from walking aids to aesthetics and practicality. Walking sticks are a good mobility aid that can be used occasionally when walking for a short amount of time. Walking sticks are mainly designed to reduce fatigue by distributing the body weight between the legs and arms. The joints are less stressed. Walking sticks are thus an important accessory when walking uphill or downhill especially on rough or sloping ground. Users who must walk on icy surfaces will appreciate the spiked end of a suitable walking stick. In any case, the tip at the end of the cane or the stick grips the floor to increase stability.


The walking cane, comfortable and ergonomic.

Since walking canes are a mobility device whose purpose is to provide a reliable mobility aid, they need to be particularly comfortable. Walking canes thus usually feature an ergonomic handle which is pleasant to hold and enables a good grip. The usual shape of their handles is bent or rounded. Usually waking canes are held in the hand to the side of the body, it is thus critical that the handle distributes the weight evenly on the shaft for a good stability.

The walking stick, a walking aid

Walking sticks as previously mentioned are more of an occasional walking aid. Comfort is still a priority of their designs, but they often feature novelty handles and fancy material. Walking sticks tend to not bend at the top. They are usually held in front of the body.

The correct height

Whether you opt for a walking cane or stick, the height is a critical aspect. A wrong height may result in a lack of balance and thus provoke falls. It can also lead to a bad posture which would eventually cause pain.

To make sure you know the correct height of stick and cane you need, please follow our dedicated guide using this link.

Adjustable walking sticks and canes can be the perfect solution as you will be able to easily adjust the height to fit your needs.

Which one looks best?

Fashionable walking sticks and canes have always been a symbol of a certain social level and membership in certain circles. Often it was the knobs that made the identity of the cane. This time is over for the usual walking sticks. It is the whole cane, its handle, and its body, which are like the affirmation of a certain identity. A common belief is that walking sticks, as they are less sturdy and rather for an occasional need, are more of a fashion accessory while walking canes as they are considered a mobility device, neglect the design. This differentiation is less and less true and The Stick and Cane Shop catalogue proves it.

The walking stick: A sign of personality

The use of a unique-looking walking stick is undoubtedly a sign of a strong personality. Above all, you want to share your tastes and show your originality. The unique-looking walking stick is also a rich complement to clothing. It is not out of the question to have several of them in your wardrobe to match your daily wardrobe changes. Even though the unique looking walking stick is the source of a neat and stylish look, it is not unaffordable. Its use is not restricted to the few but rather to the many. Whether you are a woman or a man, an unusual walking stick makes you unique. Choose the one that, with its handle, material, and colour, is a symbol of your identity.

A walking cane to complement an outfit

The aesthetic aspect of the walking cane should not be underestimated. The sturdiness and the practicality of walking canes does not necessarily prevent them from being aesthetically pleasing. More than just a practical item, they also reflect a certain personality and can successfully complement the style of clothing you adopt. It becomes an everyday companion that is hard to do without. Whether formal as our collection of dress canes or more peculiar as our collection of collectors’ canes, the walking cane you need is on The Stick and Cane Shop.

A wide range of unique walking sticks and canes

If you want to buy a unique walking stick and cane you are spoilt for choice. There are so many models that it is difficult to choose just one. Collector's walking canes with animal heads on the handle have always been popular with walkers everywhere. More traditional, hazel walking sticks are still popular, especially for everyday use. They are resistant and show a respect for tradition. Bamboo walking sticks are strong and lightweight. Beech hardwood is a favourite material for those who want a very durable walking stick. In its natural state it is liked for its light colours between light brown and cream, yet beech hardwood is mostly used as the standard hardwood of our sticks and is either stained or painted for a fashionable design.

Blackthorn walking sticks combine tradition and uniqueness. The familiar knobstick is a collector's delight. Well-known to tireless walkers, chestnut walking sticks are rustic and allow you to use them in harsh conditions. The dog, like the walking stick, is the faithful companion of the walker this is why you will find a whole section dedicated to dog headed collectors’ canes in our catalogue. If you are looking for an exceptional walking stick, for example as a gift, we offer many hand-carved models. Very elegant, our walking sticks in hazel can be used in all circumstances, even during the most formal occasions.