Why choose a walking stick umbrella?

15 November 2019  |  Admin

What is a walking stick umbrella?

Walking stick umbrellas, or umbrella walking sticks, combine the sturdiness and support of a walking stick, with the benefit of an umbrella. They are the perfect 2-in-1 choice.

Why choose a walking stick umbrella?

Walking stick umbrellas are ideal for people who like to have the convenience of an umbrella on hand should it start to rain, but also like to use the shaft as a walking stick for balance & support when walking.

Can I use a normal umbrella as a walking stick?

In short, no. Traditional umbrellas are not designed to be weight-bearing, so they are not recommended for use as a support stick, so the walking stick umbrella provides this support as well as providing a capacious canopy if the heavens should open up when you are out and about!

Where can I buy a Walking Stick Umbrella?

At the
Stick and Cane Shop we have a selection of Walking Stick Umbrellas designed to suit all needs and tastes, available from a range of different manufacturers. Why not visit our full range of umbrella walking sticks now?

The Stick & Cane Shop's Top 3 Walking Stick Umbrellas
3) At Number 3 we have the Tartan Walking Stick Umbrella. This stylish walking stick umbrella has a grey and purple tartan canopy, and features a soft-touch crutch handle. 
It has a manual opening mechanism providing an umbrella in grey check tartan, fibreglass ribs, metal shaft. Rubber ferrule to tip. Perfect if you need a stick, but want the appearance and usefulness of a functioning umbrella too! Length adjustable from 82 to 91cm
The dimensions of the walking stick are:
  • Easy glide manual opening
  • Fibreglass ribs, metal shaft
  • Soft-feel crutch handle
  • Rubber ferrule to tip
  • Length adjustable from 82 to 91cm

2) Following on from the above, at number 2 we have the M&P Height Adjustable Walking Stick Umbrella. This walking stick umbrella has a classic black canopy and the shaft can be adjusted to provide the perfect length for use as a walking stick.
This sturdy unisex walking stick umbrella features a high quality construction and a mahogany coloured wooden Derby handle. Height can be adjusted to 87cm, 90cm or 93cm, by adding or removing 2 metal spacers. Easy glide manual opening. Rubber ferrule and black sheath to cover furled umbrella.
  • Manual opening, aluminium/fiberglass frame
  • 8 double fibreglass ribs for strength
  • Mahogany coloured wooden Derby handle
  • Height can be adjusted to 87, 90 or 93cm
  • Rubber ferrule and black sheath to cover furled umbrella
  • Length including handle 87, 90 or 93cm
  • Span when open approx 106cm
  • Weight 650g
1) And at Number 1 we have a walking stick umbrella that is actually 3-in-1 as it provides a comfortable leather seat too! The Walking Stick Umbrella with Leather Seat is the perfect choice for people who enjoy the countryside and outdoors events. 
It is a practical and stylish seat stick that can convert to an umbrella in moments. The leather seat opens to provide a comfortable perch when required. The handles are trimmed with leather and the stainless steel leg is fitted with a folding ground plate so it can be used on soft ground without sinking. The fibreglass umbrella frame is fitted with a nylon canopy in a tasteful shade of country green.
  • Overall walking length is 96cm (38")
  •  Sitting height is 81cm (32") 
  • Diameter of the umbrella canopy when opened is 91cm (36") 
  • Weight is 965g 
  • Recommended user weight limit is 100kg (approximately 16 stone)
If you like these and would like to see our full range, why not visit the Walking Stick Umbrella section at The Stick & Cane Shop now.