When choosing a walking cane it is essential to review the various components of the cane. It is the whole cane that will enable you to walk comfortably and safely. The handle of your walking stick is one of the most important components. It performs several functions and, depending on its shape and the material used to make it, its selection will be more suitable for a certain type of user and for a specific walking practice. The handle must be perfectly complementary to the cane. Some configurations are recommended for stability or balance, while others spread the weight, reducing pressure on the hand and arm.



The choice of a walking cane handle is primarily motivated by the comfort it provides when you hold it. Of course, aesthetics is important, but a good grip is also important to get the most out of your walking cane. First, the handle of your walking cane should fit the size of your hand. This seems obvious, but people are often attracted by the appearance of the cane rather than its purely practical function.

To avoid discomfort during your walking sessions, or when you are simply using the cane, think first of its comfort. It is not really recommended, for example, to use some very elaborate handles on long walks as they may generate fatigue in your hand and forearm muscles which would reduce the benefits of the walking stick.

If you are a sporty walker, choose the most ergonomic handle possible. Remember that the walking stick is primarily there to relieve the rest of your body of the effort required to move.

It is considered that a good walking stick relieves the rest of your body, especially your legs and torso. If you are more of a recreational walker than a sportsman, or if you simply want to walk short distances, you can opt for a less ergonomic knob.

There are many handles of all shapes and styles available.

The choice is so wide that it is possible to choose a handle that reflects your taste or fits your lifestyle. You can even find very original handles that contain hidden elements, such as small flasks, pill-boxes, and many other practical and surprising secret compartments.




When they are of good quality, made of strong and suitable materials and with a handle that suits the ergonomics of your hand, it is difficult to define what the best walking stick is. As with most mobility equipment, it is the one that suits you best and pleases you that can be described in this way. Above all, it must be strong and adapted to your strength and weight. It should be both rigid and flexible enough to absorb the shocks it suffers when the stick makes contact with the ground.

Excessive rigidity will transmit too much vibration to your hand and wrist and finally to your arm. In the long run this can cause recurring pain. To be sure you have chosen the best walking stick, it is best to try it out.
If this is not possible because you are buying it online, for example, try out similar poles or thoroughly review all the specifications in the catalogues.
If necessary, get advice from a friend who is familiar with walking sticks. Furthermore, please do not hesitate to contact us directly for advice.

What are the best walking sticks for stability and balance?

Walking sticks should provide good stability and support your balance. These are the two most important intrinsic characteristics of this type of walking equipment. The strength and quality of the handle are the factors that determine these two criteria. If the walking stick allows you to lighten the muscular load of your lower limbs, it favours regular walking during which they are used optimally.

The stability offered by walking sticks depends largely on their balance and their ability to grip the ground well. The balance of the walking stick is due to the density of the stick itself and the weight of the shaft. Of course, the materials used for these two parts of the walking stick determine this balance factor.

The ferrule is also a key element to ensure the walking stick is balanced. For the best mobility and handgrip, we recommend paying attention to the height of your walking stick. On our online shop, a wide range of height adjustable models are available.

You should also aim to achieve good stability whilst walking. Balance and stability allow the body to move symmetrically by using your muscles equally on the right and left.

It is ideal, especially for long walks, to use two walking sticks. They are used alternately during each stride and complement a natural gait. If you use only one walking stick, balance and stability are even more important. The use of a single stick should not unbalance your walking posture and the stick should allow you to walk safely, even on slippery surfaces. Depending on the type of terrain you are walking on, the spike of your walking stick should be adapted. On the ground or in the fields, it can be hard so that it digs deep into the ground to provide good support. On a hard or slippery surface, on the other hand, a softer tip is desirable to avoid.

What are the best walking sticks for the elderly?

The choice of a walking stick for seniors must be meticulous. The stick must be suitable for their physical needs. It must not be too heavy to avoid exhausting them. it must be resistant enough to support a daily use.

For the oldest a good stability and an excellent balance are the two qualities to be looked for a walking stick. Indeed, with age one tends to lose balance a little, it is necessary to be able to prevent a fall. Senior citizens tend to use walking sticks in urban areas, so they must have good anti-slip qualities.

Finally, it is not because you are old that you must use an old-fashioned walking stick. At any age, you want to combine function with fashion. Moreover, if you wish to offer a walking stick to an elderly person who might be a little reluctant to use such an object, a slightly modern appearance is essential to convince them.

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