Country Sticks

The wide variety of Country Sticks at the Stick and Cane Shop covers a wide, and very popular, range of sticks and canes that our customers old and new adore.

Charming Country Sticks

Whether they are for personal use or for a gift, the traditional bucolic charm that comes from these country sticks makes these canes a wonderful companion for those long relaxing weekend walks in the countryside. Whether it's Beagling, Coppice Knob, Thumbstick, Wooden Hiking Sticks or Handmade Shepherd's Crook walking sticks, the wood and craftsmanship seen in these canes is second to none. Each stick is unique and a natural, so please be advised that thicknesses and lengths given are approximate, and they can vary.

A specific range of wonderful country sticks

We also have the beautiful Rams Horn Handled Walking Sticks and Staghorn Handled in our country sticks for those of you who like a cane made from a range of natural materials. Be sure to also check out our wonderful walking stick with seat collection including Leather Shooting Seat Sticks, and Tripod Seat, for those of you who like a bit of versatility - these provide you with a handy place to sit during those long countryside rambles.