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Flexyfoot Ferrules

Flexyfoot is the future for anyone who needs a walking stick to get around.

The shock-absorbing, anti-slip Flexyfoot is designed to replace the old-fashioned rubber ferrule

You may not even have heard of the term ‘ferrule’ before? Not many people have – it’s sometimes referred to as a walking stick tip, cap or rubber stopper and is the brass or rubber bit that covers the bottom of your walking stick or cane.

Flexyfoot can transform your walking aids as it’s shock absorbing and increases grip and more importantly it flexes and significantly eases shoulder aches and elbow/wrist pains.


The Flexyfoot is quite a substantial ferrule and as a result is quite bulky. If you are looking for something smaller and neater please take a look at our standard rubber ferrule collection.

Flexyfoot Standard Ferrule FF22
(Code: FF22)
£ 10.99
(-10.01%) £ 9.89
Flexyfoot Standard Ferrule FF25
(Code: FF25)
£ 10.99
(-10.01%) £ 9.89