Walking Stick Accessories

There are a range of items available that can improve the experience of using your walking stick, making it more personal to you and providing greater functionality. Whether you need a wrist cord to prevent the stick from falling during use, or you simply need to replace the rubber tip due to wear, be sure to have a browse of our wide range of Walking Stick and Cane accessories.

What accessories are available for my walking stick ?

At The Stick and Cane Shop we have an extensive variety of walking stick accessories available. Perhaps you need a fashionable storage pouch or wallets for your storing your folding sticks between uses? Or maybe a cane holder is needed to balance hold your stick against the kitchen table to prevent it falling to the ground when you are otherwise occupied? We have accessories available for walking sticks that make your life that little bit easier! Why not also browse the ice grip attachments in order to help with walking in icy conditions, or wrist cords and replacement rubber ferrules for the tip of your stick. Pick up the perfect walking cane accessory today.

To see our range of walking sticks, why not check out our walking sticks collection. We also have a collection of Walking Stick Umbrellas available too.