Expanded range of Brazos Walking Sticks

19 November 2019  |  Admin

Since we started stocking Brazos walking sticks around two years ago, they have proven to be very popular with our customers. Our range at the time focused solely on a selection of their handmade hiking staves, in beautiful woods such as Sassafras, Hickory, Ironwood and Sweet Gum. This year we have expanded our Brazos range to include their handcrafted walking sticks and knob sticks too!

Who are Brazos Walking Sticks and where are they made?

Brazos Walking Sticks is a family operated stick making company and located in the beautiful Brazos River Valley of central Texas. They have been producing high-quality, handcrafted walking sticks and canes for the better part of two decades and most of their products are made in workshops located within a few miles of their facilities by skilled local craftsmen who are also their neighbours, family and friends. Their exquisite line of sticks and canes consists of over 600 variations in design ranging from sophisticated elegance to classic rustic. Every item is individually crafted from the finest woods including sassafras, hickory and sweet gum, resulting in a unique one-of-a-kind treasure.

Brazos Hiking Staves
As well as having our customers' favourite Brazos walking sticks back in stock for Christmas 2019, we have also expanded the range we have on offer to include some lovely new handcrafted designs. One particular hiking stave that we just love is the Brazos Leather Safari Exotic Wood Hickory Handcrafted Hiking Stick. This gorgeous hiking stave has a substantial weight to it and it feels strong and solid in your hand. To make the Leather Safari Walking Stick Brazos has taken their venerable Hickory Walking Stick and accented it with a leather handle comprised of 35 layers of vegetable tanned leather sandwiched between rings of the exotic woods brass, padouk, and ebony imported from either Africa or South America. Each piece of hickory is carefully chosen, cut, sanded, and sprayed with a protective, clear coat lacquer. If you are looking for a gift idea for someone who enjoys walking in the great outdoors, this stick makes the perfect choice!

Brazos Walking Sticks
Our 2019 expanded range from Brazos now includes their much sought after traditional walking sticks. We have a range of four to choose from, made from woods such as Oak, Hickory, Sassafras and Aromatic Cedar. These all feature a distinctive twist effect to the shaft and a comfortable derby-esque handle with a metal Brazos branded badge inset into the wood.

Brazos Knob Sticks
A final addition to our new stock from Brazos this year includes three delightful Brazos knob sticks. Like the others, these are all individually handcrafted by talented local craftsmen in Texas, USA. Choose from Oak and Hickory, these are topped by a comfortable knob handle that has been carved in a lathe before being attached to the beautiful rustic shaft with a twisted effect along its length. One particular favourite of ours is the Brazos Twisted Oak Brass Hame Knob Stick. This delightful walking stick features a stunning brass knob handle giving it an exquisite quality. The perfect gift idea for Christmas!