Extra Long Folding Walking Stick

This section features our range of extra-long folding sticks. These folding adjustable sticks are perfect for people of taller stature who find average-sized walking sticks too short for comfortable use.

Adjustable longer folding sticks for taller people

These extra long folding sticks have an adjustable range up to 100 cm. These are perfect for people of a taller stature, providing you with excellent stability and posture, while walking without causing you to stoop. These Extra Long Folding Sticks are also foldable, so they are ideal if you are looking for a portable stick that you can fold away when not in use.

✓ Extra Long Folding Walking Sticks suited for the taller lady or gent

If you need a standard non-adjusting walking stick that is extra-long, be sure to browse the Extra Long Walking Sticks section of our website. However, if you prefer a portable standard-length folding stick, we also provide a full range of Folding Walking Sticks.
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Black Extra Long Derby Folding Walking Cane - 89 to 99 cm
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Black Extra Long Derby Folding Walking Cane - 89 to 99 cm
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Patterned Chrome Handled Folding Walking Stick with Quilted Pouch

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