New Leather Seat Sticks from Classic Canes

5 October 2018  |  Admin

We have added two new leather seat sticks to our already large range at The Stick & Cane Shop this week, and we are sure these are going to be popular with our customers, particularly as we head towards Christmas (yes, I know, the C-word has been used already and it's only October!) These quality seat sticks are both made in the UK and feature high quality leather coverings. One is a tripod-style seat stick and the other is an adjustable sling seat stick.
At the Stick and Cane Shop we have a large range of walking stick seats of various styles. These generally come in two varieties: The walking stick seats, which can be opened to provide a temporary seat when necessary; and the Tripod Seat Sticks, which open to provide a 3-legged and more stable seat.
Walking stick seats are specifically are ideal for resting on country pursuits, outdoor events, country events, or picnics. These open up at the top to provide a sling which provides a useful seat when outdoors, while the shaft of the stick can generally be adjusted in height and placed on the ground using the spike. Whether you are looking for a hunter's seat stick for outdoors use or a tripod seat stick for use around the house or in town, we are sure you will find the ideal walking stick seat to suit your needs here.
Tripod Seat Sticks, on the other hand, are perfect for those of you who need a walking stick that also doubles as a stable seat. The stick folds out to provide a stable tripod construction that allows you to sit down securely without having to balance. They also have the advantage of being able to be used indoors, so can come in very handy whether you are at home or if you need a seat when out at the shops!
Seat Sticks are ideal for those of you who 

New Leather Swivel Seat Stick
The NEW Leather Swivel Seat Stick is a traditional leather seat stick, with a twist, made in Britain. Fitted with a leather sling seat and leather-covered handles and leg. A smart leather strap fixes with a brass popper when the seat is in the closed position. Height adjustable so that the walking height can be fixed at intervals between 81 and 99cm, and the sitting height between 66 and 84cm. This seat can swivel through 360 degrees while the shaft remains in place.
The dimensions of the leather swivel seat stick are:
  • Walking height 81cm to 99cm in 4.5cm increments
  • Seat height - adjustable between 66cm and 84cm in 4.5cm increments
  • Weight is 1050g
  • For ferrules to fit, see Black Rubber Ferrule for Seat Sticks (Code: 013716)
New Leather Tripod Seat Stick
The NEW Leather Tripod Seat Stick available at The Stick & Cane Shop, is a traditional tripod seat stick with leather-covered seat and crook handle.  Folds out to form a convenient three legged seat.  Highly polished metal framework and legs fitted with non-slip rubber ferrules (Type B19 rubber ferrule).  A very smart accessory for town or country.  Made in Britain.
The dimensions of the seat stick are:
  • Walking height 89cm
  • Seat height 50cm
  • Weight is 1400g
  • The stick diameter is 19mm
  • For replacement ferrules see B19 Seat Stick Rubber Ferrule - 19mm
So if you like these, why not check out our full range of Walking Stick Seats and Tripod Seat Sticks today at The Stick & Cane Shop!