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Tripod Walking Sticks with Seat

Discover our range of Tripod Walking Sticks.

Tripod Seat Sticks are ideal for those of you who are looking for a walking stick that also doubles as a slightly more stable seat than a tradtional walking stick seat. Indeed, their prior goal is to provide the walker with maximum support and optimum stability. The Stick and Cane Shop provides a wide range of Walking Sticks & Canes, but those are specifically designed for people with balance issues.

✔ Genuine quality tripod sticks

Tripod Walking Sticks for indoor or outdoor use.

So if you find that those long walks in the countryside are beginning to tire you out, you can just fold out your walking stick seat to produce a handy seat allowing you to rest for a couple of minutes.

✔ Height adjustable, suitable for most user heights.

These Tripod Seat Sticks also have the advantage of being used indoors. Pick one choosing between the different colours available (storm, black or brown) and enjoy Express Delivery!
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