Umbrella Walking Sticks

9 February 2012  |  Admin

With the winter months providing such changeable weather, we rarely know if it's going to be rain or shine when we leave the house. For many people there is always a dilemma as to whether they should take their stick or their umbrella with them when heading outdoors. Well, today we'll show you a very handy way to get around this problem.

Over at our sister site Brolliesgalore, we have a fantastic range of umbrellas for all types of weather. If you haven't visited our Brolliesgalore site, make sure you check it out! Within our vast selection of umbrellas, however, we have a delightful range of Walking Stick Umbrellas. These are umbrellas that also function as walking-sticks in drier weather - all you need do is fold down the canopy and voila, you have a lovely walking stick! We are sure you will find these very useful, particularly in this changeable seasonal weather, so we will take a closer look at our range below.

Ladies Mono Check Walking Stick Umbrella

This trendy Ladies Mono Check Walking Stick Umbrella is an ideal dual-use walking stick & umbrella. Sturdy and well designed, it is adjustable in height from 83 to 90.5 cm in 2.5 cm increments. Black metal shaft with a soft touch rubberised derby handle. Automatic opening with fibreglass ribs for extra strength. Fitted with a rubber ferrule on end.

Check Walking Stick Umbrella

This lovely Check Walking Stick Umbrella is a dual-use walking stick and umbrella with a beautiful ash wooden derby handle. It has an easy glide manual opening umbrella in brown black check, fibreglass ribs, metal shaft. Rubber ferrule to tip.
  • Length adjustable from 90 to 98cm
  • Span when open approx 96cm
  • Weight 540g

M&P Walking Stick Umbrella - Height Adjustable

Sturdy unisex walking stick umbrella featuring high quality construction and a mahogany coloured wooden Derby handle. Height can be adjusted to 87, 90 or 93cm, by adding or removing 2 metal spacers. Easy glide manual opening. Rubber ferrule and black sheath to cover furled umbrella.

  • Manual aluminium, fiberglass frame
  • 8 double fibreglass ribs for strength
  • Span when open approx 106cm
  • Weight 650g

Fulton Oxford Walking Stick Umbrella

This stylish and classic Oxford Walking Stick Umbrella from Fulton is a sturdy walking stick and umbrella combined. It has an adjustable shaft length from 86cm to 94cm in 2cm increments.

  • Black manual umbrella with fibreglass frame for extra strength
  • Smart black plastic derby handle and rubber ferrule on end
  • Span when open approx 100cm
  • Weight 527g

Be sure to check out the full range of walking stick umbrellas at Brolliesgalore. For our sticks and canes, check out our full range at the Stick and Cane Shop. We are sure we have the ideal stick or cane for you!