Tartan Walking Sticks at the Stick and Cane Shop

15 November 2013  |  Admin

Today we thought we would scour our shelves for a bit of traditional Scottish style. Perhaps you love the traditional Scottish charm of the tartan/plaid pattern, or maybe even you have some Scottish ancestry? If so, these sticks and canes will be ideal for you.

In these sticks, you will find various styles, from standard Derby extending canes, to wooden-handled folding canes. So you are sure to find the ideal shape of stick to suit your needs. Tartan is a particularly sought-after design, not only because of its romantic charm and historical significance, but also because it allows various complimentary and contrasting colours to be displayed in a coherent and beautiful manner. In some of the sticks, traditional tartan patterns have been eschewed for more up-to-date stylings of the tartan design, bringing you a bold and modern look while maintaining that traditional charm.

So why not take a look at the Tartan sticks we have on offer at the Stick and Cane Shop where you can find many other patterns if tartan is not your ideal pattern.

We hope you enjoy this week's selection! Which is your favourite? Do you have a family tartan that you would love to see on a walking stick? Let us know in the comments below.

Fashion Derby Extending Cane - Multicoloured Tartan

This Fashion Derby Extending Cane in Multicoloured Tartan has a contemporary twist on a traditional style. The stunning colours in this tartan make a bold statement so you can show off your personality with the latest fashion accessory and walking aid.
  • Comfortable curved derby handle
  • Adjustable from 76cm to 100cm in 2.5cm increments.
  • Weight 300g
  • Shaft diameter 20mm/17mm
  • Fitted with a locking nut and rubber ferrule.
  • Will fit RF99 ferrule

Red Tartan - adjustable walking stick

The Red Tartan Adjustable Walking stick is a firm favourite of our customers. Featuring natural wood crutch handle, leatherette wrist strap, a brass collar and light but extremely strong aluminium shafts. They are very easily adjusted for the correct wrist to ground measurement. They are then securely held with both a simple toggle and screw lock.
  • Adjustable from 72cm to 94cm in 2.5cm increments
  • Rubber ferrule

Tartan Pattern Deluxe Folding Stick

The Tartan Pattern Deluxe adjustable folding stick is ideal if you need a stick with added portability. It has a beautiful wooden derby handle with wrist strap and a green/blue Tartan pattern shaft. Lightweight and easy to use. Can be snapped open in seconds into a strong support stick. It folds up easily and can be stored in the plastic wallet provided when not in use.
  • Regular length 81cm to 92cm.
  • 30cm long when folded.

A very useful brown and fawn checked canvas pouch to hold folding walking sticks. This would be an ideal purchase with the Tartan Pattern Deluxe adjustable folding stick above!

It has a handy velcro fastening and belt loop on back, for ease of use and portability.

Inside measurement 12 x 31cm