New 2-in-1 Walking Stick Umbrella Available

27 September 2015  |  Admin

In our blog this week we thought we would feature an item we sell on our sister site, Brolliesgalore, that would be of interest to our Stick & Cane Shop Customers - that is, the 2 in 1 Umbrella & Walking Stick.
This dual-function umbrella also works as a walking stick. Now, we have had walking stick umbrellas before, which, when the umbrella is collapsed, has a sturdy enough frame with a walking stick handle at the end and a ferrule at the other, and can be used as a walking stick. Nevertheless, the functionality as a walking stick relies on it not raining and you not needing the umbrella for shelter. Correspondingly, when using it as an umbrella, typical walking stick umbrellas do not allow you to use it as a walking stick at the same time. This can be a bit impractical for when it's raining and you need the stability of a stick to help you walk!
Enter the Black 2 in 1 Walking Stick Umbrella by Falcone. This stylish umbrella/walking stick combination allows both functionalities to be used at the same time. Elegant and beautifully designed, this black walking length umbrella features a detachable walking stick. Ideal for those who need both a stick and brolly but prefer to keep things to a minimum.    

Convenient, lightweight and easy to carry, this black manual umbrella & walking stick combination by Falcone truly is the best of both worlds. The black derby handled walking stick detaches easily from the main umbrella shaft at the touch of a button. Simply open the umbrella slightly, press the metal button on the shaft to release the walking stick. Then pull the walking stick from the centre of the umbrella shaft to reveal a full length 88cm walking stick, the umbrella canopy can then also be used as an umbrella.
No longer will you have to choose between one functionality or the other when it rains! And when the rainshowers stop, simply clip the two back together again and continue to use the stick with the collapsed umbrella attached.
If you'd like to find out more about this walking stick/umbrella combination, check out the Black 2 in 1 Walking Stick Umbrella by Falcone now.
Did you know that we also have a sister site that sells a wide range of umbrellas? Visit the Brolliesgalore today to see our full range!