Country Sticks - Hiking Staves & Thumb Sticks

12 April 2012  |  Admin

With the weather slowly improving, Spring sees many of us return to outdoor pursuits at the weekend and holidays. So today I thought we would look at some sticks that would be ideal companions for those of you who enjoy rambling in the countryside or a gentle walk with the family. We have covered our hiking sticks in previous blogs, but I thought we'd take a closer look at our more rustic sticks that we have available at the Stick and Cane Shop. The rustic walking stick is an essential accessory in the British countryside. Indeed, no rural walk is complete without a stick for support and company, and the styles we have available have a long history of popularity.Our stag or deer horn handled thumb sticks have a tradition that goes back centuries in the British Isles.  The horns are shed annually and these are collected by gamekeepers which are then sold for stick handles and various other products. The horn is ground, sanded and polished before being fitted to a natural wooden shaft. The 'v' shape provides an ideal gripping point for the thumb to aid balance and comfort whilst walking.The hiking staves provide a simple, yet beautifully crafted, stick that will give you many years of comfort and companionship on your country walks. These are made from natural wood that has been stripped and lacquered. All of these staves are harvested from sustainable forests assuring you of an environmentally friendly provenance. 

Antler Thumbstick on Unique Natural Spiral Shaft - Long

Antler Thumbstick on a unique natural spiral shaft, this is an eye-catching, beautifully made stick. Hand made in Britain, they are produced in small quantities and to the highest standard of workmanship.No two sticks are exactly the same as the spirals are formed by climbing plants tightly gripping the wood as it grows.

  • Length varies around 140cm.
  • Fitted with a combi spike ferrule.
  • Weight approx 370-400g

Staghorn Thumbstick on Blackthorn Shaft

The Staghorn Thumbstick on a Blackthorn Shaft is a superb stick that will provide many years of companionship on those countryside walks.The thumb stick is so called because it is held with the thumb resting in the V of the antler. This shaft of this beautifully made stick is wrought from natural blackthorn, and fitted with a steel ferrule. An ideal gift idea for those avid countryside walkers in your life!

  • Approx 135cm long
  • Weight approx 585g

Chestnut Hiking Stave with a Spiked Ferrule

Made from Chestnut wood, this beautiful hiking stave is a lovely accompaniment to any Springtime walk. It comes with a leather wrist thong and spiked metal ferrule.The Chestnut has been stripped and laquered and is harvested from sustainable forests. This traditional walking stick is chest height and is very popular with walkers and hikers.

  • Length 130cm
  • Weight 450g

Spiral Chestnut Hiking Stave

Chestnut hiking stave with leather wrist thong and plain metal ferrule. The Chestnut wood in this stick has been beautifully stripped and laquered and fashioned with a double spiral groove. The wood is harvested from sustainable forests. This traditional walking stick is chest height and is very popular with walkers and hikers.

  • Length 126cm
  • Weight 500g