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Thumb Sticks

Thumb Sticks make a Fantastic walking companion

People who enjoy long walks in the country or the hills would highly appreciate our selection of thumbsticks. They are comfortable, and will ensure that you go for great walks. Our thumbstick walking sticks can be either used for hiking or trekking.

Beautifully crafted Thumb Sticks from natural materials.

Each thumb stick is unique, made from a variety of woods such as Hazel, Chestnut, and Blackthorn, and the top has a v-shaped wedge in which to rest your thumb as you walk. The tops are either made from wood or beautifully finished Antler. These Thumb Sticks will provide you with years of walking enjoyment.

Further to our selection of Thumbsticks, we also stock a wide range of Handmade Shepherds Crooks & Walking Sticks with seat.