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Blackthorn Walking Sticks

Blackthorn Walking Sticks are the perfect choice for the Collectors Canes connoisseur.

These beautiful sticks are made from Blackthorn wood, which is heavier and stronger than hazel. With its characteristic knots either polished smooth or left knobbly, these walking sticks are full of charm.

Natural Blackthorn Walking Sticks are durable, attractive and much sought after

A blackthorn walking stick is the best choice if you enjoy long walks in the countryside. Made from one of the strongest stickmaker's woods, this is a walking stick which will last for a long time, while requiring low maintenance. You'll love its traditional look and sturdiness. Suitable pieces of blackthorn can be hard to come by, making this wood highly prized. The colour of the wood can vary from a reddish-brown to deep brown, and many of our Blackthorn walking staffs also have a natural finish rather than being polished. You can either choose between a hiking stave, thumbstick or a grip handle blackthorn walking stick so you can find the most comfortable Blackthorn Stick for your needs.

✓ Traditional, reliable and sturdy - Blackthorn Canes make the perfect walking companion

The durability of this beautiful wood means that these Blackthorn sticks and canes will provide you with many years of use and enjoyment. These are indeed highly reliable and robust, which is always a guarantee of quality.

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