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Walking Stick and Cane Shop
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Handmade Shepherds Crooks

Stick and Cane Shop offer a great range of quality shepherd's crooks, available in many different designs. Our Handmade Shepherd's Crooks are the epitome of countryside charm and the traditional farmer's stick.

Traditional Shepherd's Crooks with countryside charm.

We solely stock wooden shepherd's crooks, most of them beautifully hand carved by local UK producers. Made from a variety of woods such as Ash, Chestnut and Hazel, these exceptional handmade walking sticks are finished in a variety of ways and each one is unique. You'll surely find a country style walking stick that suits you amongst this range. These long-resistant shepherd's crooks will provide you with years of walking enjoyment. If you want to offer a gift to someone, look closer at our shepherd's crooks with lacquered shaft; these are ideal for such an occasion.

If you are looking for a walking stick whose length can be shorten, you'd better have a look to our range of Adjustable Walking Sticks or Folding Walking Sticks.