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Derby Folding Walking Sticks

The Derby folding walking stick is a the most popular style of walking stick with our customers. The Derby handle popular because it is comfortable to hold that has a gentle hooked curve, allowing it to be hung over the wrist, leaving the hands free.

The popular Derby Handle is a convenient folding stick

These sticks are also foldable, so they perfect if you are need a portable stick that you can fold away when not in use. We have a vast range of patterns, shapes and designs of Derby Handled Folding Sticks so you can choose the stick that suits your outfit.

✓ Derby Handled Folding Sticks - fashionable, portable and comfortable to hold.

If you prefer a different model of Derby Handled Cane, we have a range of standard Derby walking sticks and adjustable walking sticks with derby handles. We also have a wide range of folding walking sticks with different styles of handles.