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Folding Walking Sticks

Do you find standard walking sticks too awkward to have around when they are not in use? Are you looking for a stick or cane with more portability? If so, you are in the right place.

Folding walking sticks... the ideal travel companion. 

Folding Walking Sticks at the Stick and Cane Shop are one of the most popular categories with our customers, and we have a vast range available to cater to everyone's needs. We have folding sticks in a variety of handle shapes - Anatomical, Crook, Crutch, Derby and in different sizes, shorter and Extra Long, like the black extra long folding stick. Furthermore, we have a huge range of designs from Ladies floral Walking sticks to classic Black Folding walking stick and cater for all budgets too. Don't forget we also stock our super-stylish and fashionable Switch Sticks in this section, which are always sought after by our customers.