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Derby Handled Walking Sticks

One of the more popular cane styles available these days, the Derby Cane looks great for both formal and informal occasions. So whether you are using it at home, outdoors, at work or on a night out, these Derby walking sticks will always look elegant.

Derby Canes for all occasions

The popular derby walking cane has a slight hook to the handle which allow it to be hung over the wrist leaving the hands free. At The Stick & Cane Shop we have a vast range of styles and colours using wood and acrylic handles in both gents and ladies walking sticks.

✔ Stylish and comfortable to hold, the Derby Cane is our customers' most popular choice of walking stick.

Not exactly what you're looking for? Why not take a look at our full range of Walking sticks including handbag walking sticks for those who want to carry it on wherever they go. Or just have a look at our selection of Ladies walking sticks. If you find that traditional handles also place too much pressure on your hands, why not opt for one our our anatomical handled walking sticks instead?