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Walking Stick and Cane Shop
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Telescopic Walking Sticks & Hiking Poles

Telescopic walking sticks at the Stick and Cane Shop

Discover our range of telescopic walking poles, available in different colours and length. If, like many of our customers, you are an avid countryside rambler, hillwalker, or even a mountaineer, then this is the ideal section of our website for you!

Trekking and Hiking Poles for better balance when hillwalking.

We have a diverse range of telescopic walking poles and trekking poles that provide excellent stability for those cross-country walks or hillwalking ascents and descents. These can be used individually, or in pairs, and our telescopic hiking and trekking poles are available in a wide range of styles to suit all budgets.

✓ Hiking & Trekking poles for countryside rambling, hillwalking and nordic walking

Single telescopic walking sticks offer maximum stability and support. They are ideal for occasional and serious walkers. If you're hiking long distances, you might prefer purchasing a pair of poles instead. The Stick and Cane Shop has it all covered. Our range of telescopic walking sticks includes shock absorber hiking poles, which definitely help prevent jarring of the user's joints during use.

Looking for something more traditional than a metal hiking pole? We also boast a range of Wooden Hiking Sticks full of rustic charm that are specifically designed to provide optimal support during your long walks. Our range of Handmade Walking Sticks are also wonderful to use on days out in the countryside.