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Shorter Folding Walking Sticks

If you are looking for all the benefits of a folding walking stick, but you find the standard folding sticks still too long, then this section of Shorter Folding Walking Sticks is ideal for you.

Our Shorter Folding Walking Sticks are designed with people of smaller stature in mind.

Most of these shorter Folding Walking Sticks adjust in height from 74cm to 82cm but we also stock one that goes down as far as 73cm! They are perfect if you are of smaller stature, and find standard sticks to be a little too long. These shorter sticks also offer the convenience of portability, as they can be folded away and carried in a handbag or large pocket when not in use, and taken out and used when you are in need of support.

✓ Shorter Folding Sticks - compact, portable and stable

If you are looking for a non-folding shorter walking stick, be sure to check out our Petite Walking Stick section. To see our diverse range of different folding sticks, with various handle types, why not browse our full range of folding walking sticks collection too?