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Pistol Grip Handled Walking Sticks

A stick can become such a personal item that we want it to fit like a glove in our hands. With our stylish range of Pistol Grip Handled Walking Sticks, you need look no further. These delightful canes feature a rounded handle that fits the palm of the hand perfectly, providing a comfortable and tactile grip.

Pistol Grip Canes for a comfortable grip


These smart elegant walking sticks feature polished hardwood or marbled acrylic pistol grip handles on rustic or polished hardwood shafts, making an attractive accessory or walking aid.

✓ Pistol Grip Canes - stylish and comfortable to hold

Popular this season is the Sandalwood Pistol Grip cane on Blackthorn, with a beautiful comfortable handle and a rustic knobbly shaft.

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