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Petite Adjustable Walking Sticks

If you are looking for all the benefits of an adjustable walking stick, but you find the standard extending sticks too long, then this section is ideal for you

Adjustable Petite Walking Sticks to suit shorter people.

Our Petite Adjustable Walking Sticks are designed with people of smaller stature in mind. With a petite walking stick such as these adjusted precisely to your height and have slightly smaller handles for dainty hands. Adjust the stick to your required height to improve posture and reduce unnecessary joint pain in your arms, back and legs.

✓ Petite Adjustable Walking Sticks - Telescopic slim & elegant walking sticks that adjust to your height.

Please also visit our page of height adjustable walking sticks to see our full collection. We also have a variety of standard length Petite Walking Sticks and Shorter Folding Walking Sticks available.