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Handbag Folding Walking Sticks

Our folding sticks come in all shapes and sizes, and in this section you will find our stunning range of fashionable handbag folding walking sticks. Our huge range contains many walking sticks with colourful designs and original patterns which are ideal for ladies, but some of our fold up sticks will perfectly suit mens' taste too. 

If you'd rather buy a traditional folding stick, we have it for you in grey, brown or black colour!

Handbag Folding Walking Sticks that fold down to a compact size!

These lovely collapsible walking sticks have 5-sections, so can be neatly folded to a size that makes them extremely easy to carry in a handbag, briefcase or even a large pocket when not in use. Actually, these foldable walking sticks are only 22cm long when folded so whenever you need yours, you'll have it to hand. They are lightweight and provide strong support.

The Stick and Cane Shop offers a full range of folding walking sticks available in many different styles. You can either keep it simple or choose a colourful handbag fold up walking stick. It's up to you. Some of these are really beautiful and can perfectly match your outfit.

✔ All our Handbag-sized collapsible walking sticks include a wrist cord.

Not what you're looking for? Take a look at our full range of folding walking sticks collection or if you are looking for a collapsible walking stick that does not fold but is adjustable in height take a look at our adjustable walking stick collection.