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Walking Stick and Cane Shop
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Hand Carved Collectors Canes - Animal Carved Canes & Sticks

Discover our animal hand carved walking sticks

Handcarved Collectors Canes make the perfect gift for those special occasions. All of the sticks feature handles that have been hand-sculpted from one piece of wood and then hand painted to bring out the full character of the animals they portray.

Exclusive Animal Handcrafted and Handpainted Collectors Walking Sticks

These exclusive collectors sticks have all been comissioned by the Stick and Cane Shop and have been made in Britain by Mark Gough - a talented artist who designs, sculpts and paints these sticks in his East Midlands workshop.  These exclusively made unique pieces are impressive in their detail and design. These beautiful pieces have a contemporary twist on the traditional shepherd's crook and leg cleek and are also very much prized by cane collectors.

✓ Hand Carved Collectors Canes - all individually handcrafted in the UK

Why not invest in one and start building up your collection today! Be sure to also check out our full collection of animal handled walking sticks and handcrafted shepherd's crooks.