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Crutches & Quad Canes

The Stick and Cane Shop is specialising exclusively in walking sticks and canes. Sourced from market leaders like Flexyfoot, our crutches for sale in this section not only have highly fashionable designs, but they all have adjustable shafts too, providing comfort and stability for all heights of user.

Adjustable Quad Crutches give increased support for walking.

One can always think it is easy to choose a quad walking cane, as long as it provides support and help you recover from a broken leg, surgery or whatever. But one can also remember how it can quickly become unconfortable to grip handles all day long. This is why we provide you with a dedicated range of comfortable, high-quality crutches. All of these are specifically designed to provide maximum support and comfort. On one hand, we have switch sticks crutches made of strong aluminium, robust and highly resistant. These are available in purple, blue or traditional dark colour featuring different patterns.

✓  Crutches from Flexyfoot & Switch Sticks - function meeting fashion!

We also stock some of the best Flexyfoot crutches with anatomical rubber handle to fit to the shape of your hand. This way, you won't suffer anymore from hand aching due to non-ergonomic plastic handles. On the other hand, our quad canes have a 4-ferrule footprint which is ideal for those of you who need just that extra bit of stability, the lower section can turn round to suit left or right handed users. The height adjustable crutches are also excellent for those who need more arm support whilst walking, especially if you put a lot of your weight on the stick, the soft grip handles are provide comfort.

Add extra comfort and grip to your walking stick with a flexyfoot rubber ferrule, for added grip and shock-absorption. We also provide a full range of shock absorbing walking sticks.
Switch Sticks Crutch - Ocean
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