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Crutch Handled Folding Sticks

Crutch handled Walking sticks are supportive for the hand, bearing the weight of your arm directly down the shaft, giving excellent stability while walking.

Our Crutch Handled Folding Sticks provide excellent support.

Second only to the Derby Handle, the crutch handle is always a regular choice with our customers. You will find that this classic handle is somewhat straighter than the derby, which allows a perfect grip with the palm of the hand while providing a comfortable angle for the hand and wrist when in use.

✓ Crutch handled folding sticks - a classic straighter handle with the convenience or portability

These crutch handled folding walking sticks are the perfect choice if you need a portable stick that you can fold away when not in use, but is sturdy and reliable when opened. We have a wonderful range of styles and patterns of folding sticks available, so you are truly spoilt for choice.

Not what you're looking for? Take a look at our full range of folding walking sticks collection. Be sure to also check out our standard-length Crutch Handled Walking Sticks. If it is a pair of crutches you need instead, we have those too. Why not try our Flexyfoot range of crutches?