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Anatomical Folding Walking Sticks

An anatomical folding walking stick is ideal if you need a walking stick that literally fits the palm of your hand. Anatomical sticks have ergonomically designed handles that are shaped to fit the palm of the hands.

Folding Walking Sticks with an anatomical handle providing stability and a moulded, comfortable grip.

Available in left and right handed versions, the anatomical handle provides optimal stability while providing a comfortable grip. They are the perfect choice if you find that traditional handles cause strain or joint pain in the hand, wrist or arm. The moulded handles distribute the force your hand places on the stick over a larger area, reducing pressure.  These sticks are also foldable, so they are perfect if you need a stick that is portable and can be folded away when not in use.

✓ Anatomical handled folding walking sticks - portable walking sticks that improve hand comfort and reduce strain.

We also have a range of non-folding anatomical handled walking sticks, and if you require a folding stick with a different type of handle, take a look at our full range of folding walking sticks collection.