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Anatomical Extending Walking Sticks

Height adjustable Anatomical Walking Sticks are ideal for those of you looking for a walking stick that literally fits the palm of your hand.

Extending walking sticks with anatomical handles, designed to fit better in your hand.

Anatomical walking sticks are the ideal choice for those who find that standard handles cause strain or joint pain in the hand, wrist or arm, because they have handles that are shaped to fit the contours of the hand.

✓ Anatomical Handled Adjustable Sticks - Adjustable height walking sticks with handles that fit the palm of the hand

These moulded handles are shaped to evenly distribute the pressure your hand places on the stick when in use Available in left and right handed versions, the palm molded handle provides optimal stability while providing a more comfortable grip. These sticks are also extending so the two-section telescopic sticks are ideal for those of you of taller or shorter stature in need of an adjustable length of shaft.

Take a look at our full collection of extending walking sticks, for an adjustable stick to suit your needs. We also have a range of standard-size Anatomical Walking Sticks and a selection of Folding Anatomical Walking Sticks available.