Our Guide to Walking Stick Handle Types

If the choice of different handle shapes and types is a little bewildering, let us guide you through the different versions available in our handy alphabetical summary of handle types.

Anatomical Handled Walking Stick


Orthopaedic handle for left and right hands. Often suits arthritis and rheumatism sufferers with smaller hands. See more here:


Character and Animal Headed Collectors Canes


Novelty collectors’ handles in the Victorian tradition, often in the shapes of animals and birds. See more here:


Classic Crook Handled Walking Stick


A classic shape, traditionally formed by steaming and bending the wood but also available in man-made materials. Conveniently hooks over the arm. See more here:


Crutch Handled Walking Stick


Simple right angle handle that supports the user’s weight directly above the shaft of the stick. See more here:


Derby Handled Walking Sticks


Elegantly shaped right angle handle. Very supportive and can also be hooked over the arm. The most popular handle type with our customers. See more here:


Escort Crutch Handled Walking Sticks


Ergonomically designed to provide a firm grip and prevent the hand slipping forward. See more here:


Fisher or Anatomical Handled Walking Sticks


Supportive orthopaedic design for left and right hands, designed by an Austrian, Dr Fischer, to assist arthritis and rheumatism sufferers. See more here:


Coppice Knob Handle Walking Sticks


A traditional, one-piece country stick, each with a unique, rounded handle, grown from coppiced hardwoods. See more here:


Petite and Shorter Length Walking Sticks


A small scale, elegant handle that people with small hands find easier to handle. See more here:


Pistol Grip Walking Stick


Shaped to resemble the form of a pistol butt, the off-set handle is comfortable and stylish. See more here:


Relax Ergonomic Handled Walking Stick


Orthopaedic handle for left and right hands. Supports front of hand and curves away from back of hand. See more here:


Wooden Hiking Staves


A simple, upright handle on a long stick for hiking, usually fitted with a wrist strap. See more here:


Thumbstick Rambling Sticks


A naturally occurring shape, held with the thumb in the V and the fingers clasped around the stick. See more here:


Toff Handled or Fancy Topped Canes


An upright and often decorative cap handle for formal and elegant dress canes. See more here: