Rubber Walking Stick Ferrules

Just like the grips on shoes, the grips on the rubber ferrules (rubber tips) at the bottom of your cane can wear away with use…

Replacing the rubber ferrule on your walking stick.

The Stick and Cane Shop provides you with all essentials to take care of your walking stick or cane. Including: this range of rubber walking stick ferrules, to retain use of your walking sticks. You will be amazed at the difference a fresh walking stick rubber tip will make to the stability of any cane. We have a wide selection of styles and diameters available to suit all types of stick, so if you feel that your current rubber ferrule needs replacing, be sure to try one of these. Most of our ferrules come in black to suit any style of walking stick.

✓ Rubber Ferrules for all types of walking stick - Available in a range of different styles and sizes

Please note: our rubber ferrules for walking sticks are sold individually.

Give your walking stick a new lease of life with a new ferrule and wrist cord... click here to see our wrist cord collection. If you are looking for a ferrule that flexes while you walk, be sure to also check out our range of Flexyfoot Ferrules too.