Our Guide to Fitting a Wrist Cord

If you have bought a wrist cord from us and need some instructions on how to fit it to your cane, we have created a simple-to-follow how-to guide for our customers.

Step 1: Remove the rubber ferrule from the end of the cane - this can be achieved by gradually pulling from side to side to ease the rubber from the stick. Ferrules are not glued so you will not damage your stick by removing them. If your stick has a brass ferrule, this step can be ignored.

Step 2: Take the end of the wrist cords with the elasticated band and slide it over the end of the stick.

Step 3: Slide the wristcord up the length of the shaft, making sure to carefully pull it over any obstructions (such as the tightening nut and adjustment pin, if your stick has these) until the wristcord is positioned under the handle.

Step 4: Re-attach the rubber ferrule to the end of the cane.

If you would like us to fit a wrist cord to your newly purchased stick, please let us know. We are more than happy to attach accessories purchased from us before dispatch.