Our Guide to Adjusting Your Walking Stick

If you have bought an adjustable or folding stick from us and need some instructions on how extend it to the correct length, or how to fold it open and closed, we have created this handy how-to guide for you.

How to adjust the height of an adjustable or folding stick

Step 1: Loosen the tightening nut by unscrewing it clockwise.

Step 2: Set to the required height by pressing the push button pin and sliding the telescopic handle section upwards or downwards until the pin pops out the required hole.

Step 3: Once adjusted to the necessary height, secure the tightening nut by screwing it anti-clockwise.

Details on the location of the push button pin and tightening nut can be found in the diagram below.

Image of adjustable walking stick pin button

How to fold a folding stick

Step 1: With the handle section in one hand, pull the section below this down until the elasticated bungee cord is visible. Fold this section up to meet the handle section.

Step 2: Repeat this process for all remaining sections of the stick and fold in a zig-zag motion.

Step 3: Secure the folded stick with an elastic band, folding stick clip, or pouch.

Please note: The tension in the elasticated bungee cord can be quite strong, so ensure you are in a safe environment when folding/unfolding the stick.

Image of folding walking stick showing the joins