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Umbrellas by M&P

Clima was established in Spain in 1919. Their aim is to inject a bit of colour into those rainy days, allowing you to shine in the rain with your own style, using an umbrella that celebrates optimism and diversity even on the greyest of days.

The oldest Spanish umbrella brand - and one of the oldest in Europe - Clima's century-long business has worked at making the ordinary into something extraordinary. Designing umbrellas that are true to their origins but go beyond practicality. Their umbrellas focus on diverse trends and fashions that adapt to all kinds of styles and people.

Their umbrellas are created not only to shelter but also to thrill. They make their umbrellas by hand and one by one, just as they did in the beginning, but with the materials and technologies of today. And above all, with a constant focus on quality.

M&P Collection Umbrellas from Clima

At the Stick & Cane Shop we have selected a beautiful selection of ladies and gents umbrellas from Clima's latest collection, in a variety of umbrella designs. Find your perfect Clima Umbrella today at the Stick & Cane Shop.

✓ The M&P collection - Stylish & sophisticated umbrellas

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