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The New IceFoot from FlexyFoot

Our Flexyfoot rubber ferrules have been very popular with our customers since we started stocking them last year. These shock-absorbing, anti-slip Flexyfoot tips are designed to replace the old-fashioned rubber ferrule (sometimes referred to as a walking stick tip, cap or rubber stopper and is the brass or rubber bit that covers the bottom of your walking stick or cane.) The Flexyfoot can transform your walking sticks as it provides a much more stable, shock absorbing mechanism, which increases grip and flexes as you move, significantly easing shoulder aches and elbow/wrist pains while making you feel much more secure outdoors.

Find out about the Flexyfoot in the video above.

We have now expanded our range to include the new IceFoot attachment from Flexyfoot.

Ice Foot attaches to any Flexyfoot ferrule which can be used with any walking pole, stick or crutch and is ideal for providing increased grip in icy or snowy conditions. Available in cool blue, the Ice Foot is sold separately and fits all Flexyfoot ferrules. This means you can use your standard Flexyfoot in normal conditions, and pop on the Ice Foot when it gets colder, in just a few seconds. The Ice Foot is also supplied with a handy cover that easily pops on and off, for smooth transition from outdoors to in. Please note that you do need to already have a flexyfoot ferrule for this attachment to work. The Flexyfoot Ice Foot will fit all Flexyfoot collars.

This product consists of two parts:

The Ice Foot
Is a complete unit and has a circular array of stainless steel teeth moulded into the foot. The teeth are designed to dig into the snow or ice. It is easily interchangeable with your standard foot so you can adapt your walking aid according to the weather conditions.

Photograph showing the FlexyFoot IceFoot

The Cover
This is a rubber moulding and pushes over the end of the Ice Foot to shroud the sharp teeth when you are not using the Ice Foot (in your bag) and also to enable you to push the Ice Foot onto the Flexyfoot (protects your hand). It is also designed so you can fit it over the Ice Foot when going from the ice and snow to inside without having to remove the Foot. The cover protects the floor from the sharp teeth so it does not slip or damage the floor. The cover is only intended for occasional internal use and is not for outside or extended use. Do note that the Ice Foot cover is designed to use for very short periods of time as required. It is not designed to use as a replacement to a Flexyfoot.

Diagram showing how to attach the IceFoot cover



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