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The Flexyfoot ferrule coming soon to the Stick and Cane Shop

As many of our blog readers will know, we sell a wide range of rubber ferrules (the rubber tips that attach to the end of your stick) and we have designs to suit all diameters with various grip types too. We will however be adding a new design of ferrule to our range shortly - the Flexyfoot!

The Flexyfoot designers have taken the rubber ferrule and redesigned it so that it provides optimal stability on both smooth and uneven surfaces. Many stick users, even with standard rubber ferrules attached to the end of their canes will avoid any surfaces that are uneven as they know there is less likely to be an even-grip between their walking sticks and the ground, adding to instability. With the patented design of the Flexyfoot ferrule, these concerns are no longer an issue.

The Flexyfoot ferrule works like the suspension system on a 4x4, it has an integrated flexible bellow system that absorbs shock and stress, acting as a cushion each time the stick makes contact with the ground, thereby minimising the stress on your arm joints and aiding stability. In fact, studies show that ferrules can reduce peak handle load by 24% when compared to standard crutches. The material itself is also non-slip, so even if it's wet outside, or you are on a tiled surface, you can be sure that your walking stick will have no difficulty gripping the floor surface.

Additionally, the tread of the Flexyfoot ferrule rotates independently of the stick with a full range of 360 degrees. So you can be sure that when you turn, or twist the cane to walk in a different direction, your cane will still maintain contact with the ground, providing you with the best support possible.

So combining this 360 degrees motion with the bellow that allows the cane to push off from any angle, the Flexyfoot ferrule design will provide you with a very stable and comfortable experience indeed.

Keep an eye out on our Facebook page and Twitter feed for news of when the Flexyfoot ferrule is available in stock.

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When will this be available and what will be the price ?
Posted By: Robert Tanley - 6 Oct 2013 17:50

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