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Staghorn Whistle-Handled Wading Stick with detachable Lanyard

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  1. #Description#

    Staghorn Whistle-Handled Wading Stick on Hazel featuring a Detachable Lanyard

    The beautifully handmade weighted wading stick is a unique piece, featuring a beautiful Staghorn handle with integrated whistle. The wading stick is the perfect choice for fishermen and its use is enhanced with features such as an adjustable Paracute Cord lanyard with horn toggles and includes a sholder strap with pleated section for shoulder support. This handle beautifully finished with a resin decal that encapsulates a fishing hook. The staghorn is mounted on a mottled and sturdy hazel shaft that is tipped with a type-C weighted ferrule, making this the perfect choice for treading through a river. This is a long stick that comes to 126cm in height. The shaft is made from the hardwood, hazel, which is prized for its beautiful sheen. The handle is hand carved from sustainably sourced Staghorn.

    This handmade country walking stick is hand made by a local Scottish craftsman, Alistair Strachan. Alistair, who comes from Alloa, has been making sticks for several years and has been a champion 1st place prizewinner at several Highland Shows for his beautiful sticks.

    A fully-featured Staghorn Whistle-Handled Weighted Wading Stick on a lovely mottled hazel shaft. Made in Britain by a local craftsman

    ✓ Handmade and handcarved Staghorn Wading Stick
    ✓ Fully featured with integrated whistle, lanyard and shoulder support
    ✓ An exquisite mottled hazel shaft

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  2. #More Info# The dimensions of the stick are:
    • Length is 126cm (approximately 49 5/8")
    • Weight is 764g (~27 oz)
    • The stick diameter at the top just under the handle is approx 28mm (~1 1/4") and tapers down to 23mm (~7/8") at the ferrule end.
    • It comes fitted with a weighted C-type rubber ferrule.
    This cane is not eligible for VAT relief.
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