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Sabi Roam Classic Crook Canes Now Available at the Stick and Cane Shop

Well the past week we have been very busy at the Stick and Cane Shop, not only have we had a lot of orders coming in, but we have also had the arrival of some beautiful new sticks and canes. So, all of us have been hard at work, photographing, creating, writing and updating our pages at the Stick and Cane Shop to get the new stock on to our site as quickly as possible so that it is available for you as quickly as possible. The next week we will be adding much more to our pages (in fact, that's my job for tomorrow!) but one particular range that we have just added today is the gorgeously fashionable Sabi Roam Classic Crook Sticks.

The Sabi Roam Classic Now Available at the Stick and Cane Shop

The Sabi Roam Classic Crook Walking Stick is Sabi's signature cane and makes the perfect walking companion and fashion accessory in one. The design takes its inspiration from the sporting goods that enable people to lead invigorating, active lifestyles. The Sabi Roam Classic Crook Stick features a wide handle made from the same Baltic birch wood used in skateboards. Lightweight and flexible, an extremely durable, the handle is engineered ergonomically for optimal pressure, balance and grip - so you will always find this a comfortable cane to use. The wooden handle is both tactile, beautifully grained and easy to clean. Naturally hygienic, the wooden handle ages beautifully. We truly think that this is the Sabi Classic is the ideal all-round cane, which is both attractive and functional.

Available from the Stick and Cane Shop in four beautiful colours (Pinot Red, Reef Blue, Ultra Violet, Raven Black) the Sabi Roam Classic Crook Canes have a single-piece, non-adjustable shaft made of high-strength aluminium; the same aluminium used for bicycle frames. Super-durable and powder-painted, just like a bike, it offers a much more stable alternative to the adjustable stick. It also has an air-cushioned rubber-based ferrule tip made from the same material used in hiking boot and running shoe soles for maximum stability, smooth walking at any speed, and superior grip on the most uneven surfaces.

Sabi Roam Classic Replace + Go Ferrules

Speaking of superior grip, the Sabi 'Replace + Go' Rubber Ferrule Tip (see image below) is also available to purchase from the Stick and Cane Shop, so even if you wear out the one that already comes with the cane, you can be sure that your cane will be back to being as good-as-new with one of these accessories. Why not purchase a spare one at the same time as your cane!

All-in-all the Sabi Roam Classic Crook Walking Stick is a superb all-round walking stick for home, work or leisure, and we are sure you will get many years of walking pleasure from these stylish canes!

Do let us know in the comments, or on our Stick and Cane Shop Facebook Facebook Page, which ones you like and why.

Also, it would be great to hear from you if you purchase one from us and what you think of it. We always love to get your feedback!

The Sabi Roam Classic - In a Nutshell

Feature Summary of the Sabi Roam Classic Crook Walking Stick:
  • Length is 94cm
  • Weight is 340g
  • Comes fitted with its own Sabi Roam Replacement Tip (23mm Ferrule) which we also stock
  • Cane available Long (Other sizes Medium and Short are available on request)
  • Cane supports up to 113kg/250lbs of weight
  • Ergonomic wide grip handle reduces stress on hand muscles and joints
  • Secure grip from rubber strip making it easy to prop against a wall
  • Single-piece metal shaft offers proven superior stability
  • Natural variations in the wood grain make each handle unique
  • Birchwood Handle beautifies and matures with age
  • Non-slip Sabi rubber ferrule tip pivots easily and is shock absorbent
  • Tested by SGS labs
  • The Sabi 'Replace + Go' Rubber Tip ferrule available from the Stick and Cane Shop

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