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Rustic Knobbly Crook Sticks

Our Rustic Knobbly Crook Sticks are a beautiful range of uniquely crafted walking sticks with traditional crook-shaped handles.

Wooden Crook Sticks with Natural Rustic and decorative finishes.

The crook walking stick is the classic walking stick shape, but these sticks have a rustic charm as the stick retains the bark and the knots of the branch from which it was cut and then shaped. Some of these sticks, come with a peeled handle, where the bark has been stripped back on the upper surface of the crook and then smoothed to reveal the beautiful wood grain underneath.

✓ Crook Sticks with natural rustic charm

These Rustic Knobbly Crook Sticks are available in a range of different natural woods, such as Ash, Chestnut, Hazel, Oak and finished beautifully using a wide variety of techniques for a rustic look and feel. If you like these, you might also like our full range of crook walking sticks and crook handled folding sticks. We also have a beautiful range of handmade shepherds' crooks, if interested.