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Walking Stick and Cane Shop
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Metal Ferrules & Stickmaking Supplies

Stickmaking Supplies & Accessories at The Stick & Cane Shop

At the Stick & Cane Shop we receive quite a few requests from stickmakers and hobbyists from all over looking for supplies and accessories for their craft. So we have decided to start stocking a modest line of these supplies. We have a range of fit-up sticks in a selection of wood types (e.g. Hazel, Blackthorn and Beech) in a range of finishes from natural to smooth.

✓ Wooden Shafts and Metal Ferrules - Supplies for stickmakers

We also have a selection of metal ferrules that you can buy from us. These steel ferrules are robust, and you can attach these to your stick with the included Phillips screw. If however you are looking for rubber ferrules to top-off your beautiful walking stick creation, we have these available too in the Accessories section of our website.