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Hiking Poles for Autumn Walks

Well it's well-and-truly Autumn out there. It has been rather chilly at the Stick and Cane Shop and it's time to get some layers on as we head into the winter months ahead. Still, it is also at this time of year a lot of people love to take to the countryside and the hills to enjoy the gorgeous Autumn scenery. Whether it is relaxing weekend walks in the leaf-strewn countryside, or longer walks in the hills, the landscape is particularly stunning at this time of year, especially when it is sunny. With the sun lower on the horizon, all the shadows are elongated, the air has a crispness to it and the wind can be bracing. 

At the Stick and Cane Shop, we have many ramblers, countryside walkers and hillwalkers coming to us for advice on our walking sticks for outdoor pursuits like these. Many enjoy the extra stability that a good hiking pole can provide. While others, particularly those into Nordic Walking, use the sticks as part of their sport. Our customers always come with a wide range of needs, desires and requests.

So today I thought I would highlight our ranges of hiking poles and nordic walking poles. But not only that, we have a range of hiking poles that aren't just sold individually, but come in pairs. With two sticks, the weight on your joints is spread evenly, compared with just one stick, and your stability is increased greatly. So if you are looking to get out and enjoy this wintry weather in the countryside, I would wholeheartedly suggest that a pair of hiking sticks is a worthwhile investment, particularly if you are new to this as a hobby, or need the extra stability. Why not check out our hiking poles below, and see which set works for you.

To see our full range ranges, why not visit our hiking poles and nordic walking poles pages today.

Hiking Pole from Switch Sticks - Kensington

The Kensington Hiking Pole from Switch Sticks has an active shock absorption to reduce stress on muscles and joints during hiking & trekking. Made with high grade aluminium (6011) they have superior strength and durability but still lightweight. Fully adjustable with a 4 section locking system. The ergonomic black handle has an integrated neoprene wrist strap and the strong tungsten carbide tip has a removable rubber ferrule and comes with a soft ground tip basket.

Tested and approved by BSA to GPSR 2005. 

The dimensions of the adjustable walking stick are:
  • Length is adjustable from 58cm to 130cm
  • Weight is 350g
  • The stick diameter is 16mm
  • It is fitted with a tungsten carbide tip and comes with removable rubber ferrule with a 10mm internal diameter

Aluminium Telescopic Hiking Pole - Crutch Grip - Red

The Red Aluminium Telescopic Hiking Pole with Crutch Grip is a telescopic hiking pole which incorporates every desirable feature including shock-absorbing inserts with an on/off mechanism for climbing or descending, contour moulded handle with an adjustable wrist strap, carbide steel tip and removable rubber ferrule and basket. They extend to 135cm and collapse to 68cm for easy transport and storage. Reduces strain on the wrists arms and joints. Popular with both serious and and occasional walkers who demand a lightweight, performance stick.

The dimensions of the telescopic hiking pole are:
  • Length is adjustable from 66cm to 132cm
  • Weight is 320g
  • The stick diameter is 18mm
  • It is fitted with a tungsten metal spike with removable rubber ferrule
  • Supplied with hiking grip, wrist strap, rubber ferrule and basket
  • Will fit an RFD10 hiking pole ferrule

Pair of Nordic Walking Poles with Moulded Handles (Grey)

This Pair of Nordic Walking Poles with Grey Moulded Handles is proving very popular. Nordic Walking is a unique form of exercise which burns up more calories than normal walking and exercises the upper body at the same time as the lower body. Contour cork handle with an unique adjustable wrist strap, carbide steel tip and removable rubber ferrule and basket.

The dimensions of the adjustable hiking pole are: 
  • Length is adjustable from 85cm to 140cm 
  • Weight of each pole is 250g 
  • The stick diameter is 18mm
  • It is fitted with a carbide steel tip ferrule with removable rubber ferrule
  • Supplied with contour cork handle, wrist strap, removable rubber ferrule and basket
  • Will fit an RFD10 hiking pole ferrule

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