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Happy New Year & a look back at 2014

Happy new year to all our customers from all the staff at the Stick and Cane Shop! We hope you had a lovely festive season and that you have all had a superb start to 2015. As of Monday 5th of January it's back to business as usual for the Stick and Cane Shop team, so we will be on hand to help with any of our customer's queries from the holiday season. Some of us were in earlier in the week on the 29th and 30th of December to ensure that any orders made over Christmas were delivered, so they should be with you now and we hope you are enjoying your purchases.

In our blog this week we thought we would choose a few of our staff favourite canes from the previous year. Retrospective run-downs of the previous year are in abundance on TV at this time of year as we move into the new year, so we thought we would take part and highlighight some of the canes that made an impression with both our customers and staff over 2014.

If you feel that we missed out on your favourite stick or cane, be sure to add it to the comments section below. It is always wonderful to receive our customers' feedback!

Favourite Sticks and Canes of 2014

Engraved Adjustable Derby Walking Stick - Fuchsia

The Fuchsia Adjustable Engraved Derby Walking Stick arrived in late 2014 to the Stick and Cane Shop and this is a beautifully engraved adjustable Derby Walking Stick in Fuchsia colour. This fashionable walking stick features a metallic coloured shaft with a pattern of engraved polkadots. Matching handle and wrist strap. This stick comes fitted with an RF99 rubber ferrule. Available also in Silver and Black.

The dimensions of the folding walking stick are:
~ Length is adjustable from 63cm to 95cm (25" to 37") in 2.5cm increments.
~ Weight is 278g
~ The stick diameter is 20mm
~ It is fitted with a RF99 rubber ferrule.

Sabi Roam Classic 'Ultra Violet' Long Crook Walking Stick

The Sabi Roam Classic Crook Stick (here in Large 'Ultra Violet') is a brand new range of stylish crook canes available in store. The Sabi Roam Classic Crook stick is an award-winning ergonomic walking cane with specialized grip and tip. Here in 'Ultra Violet' colour, and in size large, this is both a fashionable and functional walking stick. The Sabi Classic has an ergonomic wide-grip handle that reduces stress on hand muscles and joints and has a thin invisible rubber stripping which secures grip, making it easy to lean on a wall when not in use. Natural variations in the handle's wooden grain make each handle unique, and it is easy to clean and beautifies with age. The wood is made from the same Baltic birch wood used in skateboards, an so is very hard-wearing. The Sabi's single-piece cane shaft offers proven superior stability too.

~ Length is 94cm
~ Weight is 340g
~ Comes fitted with its own Sabi Roam Replacement Tip (23mm Ferrule) which we also stock
~ Cane available Long (Other sizes Medium and Short are available on request)
~ Cane supports up to 113kg/250lbs of weight
~ Ergonomic wide grip handle reduces stress on hand muscles and joints
~ Secure grip from rubber strip making it easy to prop against a wall
~ Single-piece metal shaft offers proven superior stability
~ Natural variations in the wood grain make each handle unique
~ Birchwood Handle beautifies and matures with age
~ Non-slip Sabi rubber ferrule tip pivots easily and is shock absorbent
~ Tested by SGS labs.

Ringed Derby Cane

We took in stock of a gorgeous range of wooden canes in 2014, many featuring gorgeous scorch patterns. One of these lovely canes is the Ringed Derby Cane, which is made from beech wood and has been selectively scorched to create beautiful rings around the shaft giving this stick a wonderful visual appeal. This derby handle provides a comfortable grip and the cane overall is very hard-wearing.

The dimensions of the walking stick are:
~ Length is 92cm
~ Weight is 432g
~ The stick diameter at the top just under the handle is 22mm and tapers down to 19mm at the ferrule end.
~ Metal tipped walking stick.

Favourite Accessory of 2014

At the Stick and Cane Shop we are always on the look out for innovative and, above all, useful accessories for our customers' needs. One of the popular accessories available in store for 2014 was the Flexyfoot ferrule.

The shock-absorbing, anti-slip Flexyfoot is designed to replace the old-fashioned rubber ferrule. You may not even have heard of the term ‘ferrule’ before? Not many people have – it’s sometimes referred to as a tip, cap or rubber stopper and is the brass or rubber bit that covers the bottom of your walking stick or cane. Flexyfoot can transform your walking aids as it’s shock absorbing and increases grip and more importantly it flexes and significantly eases shoulder aches and elbow/wrist pains.

This is the standard Flexyfoot ferrule that is suitable for the majority of crutches, canes and small walking sticks, and the majority of users. If you are new to Flexyfoot then this is the best ferrule to buy.

Flexyfoot gives improved grip on all types of terrain and eases the aches and pains associated with constant stress and impact on joints. They are suitable for people of all ages and levels of fitness.

Flexyfoot is made up of two separate parts to allow you to renew the ‘foot’section when worn or damaged without replacing the whole Flexyfoot.The uniquely designed bellows help create shock absorption, which in turn can help relieve pain and discomfort. And because the bellows make the ferrule flexible, it will stay in contact with the ground even over rough terrain. This can help make you feel more comfortable and secure.

Available in 4 different diameters, why not check out our Flexyfoot page to find the ideal one to suit your cane.

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