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Handy Walking Sticks & Accessories for the home

If you are a regular customer or reader of these blogs then you will know that the Stick and Cane Shop has an excellent and diverse range of different sticks and canes to suit all needs and mobility requirements. Our customers come from all walks of life with different tastes, you could be a hillwalker needing a hiking pole, or a hobbyist who likes to collect canes, to someone needing a standard walking stick to improve their mobility and comfort, so we like to ensure that we can meet those various differences. It is with mobility and comfort around the home in mind that we write this week's blog post.

It can be difficult for many people to maintain an independent lifestyle when their mobility is restricted, and in those cases safety and improving comfort are two important factors. Today we look at a variety of novel canes and accessories that we have in store that can help improve mobility, safety and comfort, while also giving the user greater independence around the house.

First of all, getting out of a seat can be a difficult activity for many people with restricted mobility. In those situations something to grab on to is needed, but there is not always a stable surface to hand to give you the grip needed to pull yourself up. This is where the 'Help me up' Quad Cane is extremely useful! The Help Me Up Quad Cane - Black has two handles, one at  the usual walking height, and one positioned in an S-bend 30cm (12") lower down, and can be used two-handed to help a sitter rise to their feet. It features soft touch rubberized handles and is made from high grade lightweight aluminium for superior strength and stability

The dimensions of the adjustable walking stick are:
  • The overall height is adjustable from 86cm to 107cm (approx 34-42") in 2.2cm increments.
  • The range of height covered by the lower handle is 57-85cm (approx 22-33")
  • Weight is 1050g
  • The stick diameter is aprox 25mm
  • It is fitted with 4 x RF80 rubber ferrule size with a 16mm internal diameter

When you are up and walking about the house, sometimes the strain on the joints and muscles can become too much for people to endure, and a seat is not always to hand. Furthermore, these situations can be difficult for those with bad balance, and rather than resort to holding on to nearby walls or furniture to steady yourself, wouldn't it be useful if you always had a seat to hand that you could use? Well, this is always a possibility with the Trio Maxi Seat Stick. This is a contemporary design seat stick, the seat folds out onto a tripod giving good stability when seated and can also be used as a walking stick. It is ideal for use on hard surfaces, and it is easy to transport as it is made of lightweight aluminium.

The dimensions of the seat stick are:
  • Handle height 84cm
  • seat height 57cm
  • Weight is 900g
  • The stick diameter is 19mm
  • Maximum weight capacity 125kg (approx 19.5 stone or 273lbs)
  • Aluminium frame with black plastic seat and rubber feet

Finally, if you have got up to make a cuppa, or perhaps you are having a sit down on the sofa but have nowhere to place your walking stick, rather than just leaning it against the wall and watching it slip to the floor for the umpteenth time that day (and then having the difficulty and danger of picking it up!) wouldn't it be handy if you could rest it against a surface and have it stay there? Well we have the ideal and inexpensive solution to this issue! The humble Cane Holder! This will be ideal for your needs as it simply clips onto a stick and provides a rubber hooked edge that can be rested against the edge of a table or work surface to keep it in place and avoid it slipping. This cane holder also has a reflective White band, so when you are out in the evening, you can be clearly seen.

The dimensions of the Cane Holder are:
  • Internal Diameter is 16mm
  • Widest external diameter is 22mmm
  • Length is 40mm
  • Weight is 23g
  • Will fit most sticks with diameter of 16-22mm
  • Available in Red and White

So you can see that we have quite a few novel canes and accessories to meet a variety of mobility needs at the Stick & Cane Shop. We hope you find these useful. Are there any other types of walking stick or accessories that you have seen that you think we should stock? Be sure to let us know in the comments below. It's always great to hear our customers' feedback.

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