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Handy New Accessories for Walking Sticks & Canes

Alongside our new stock that arrived this past week, we have a couple of very useful accessories that we are sure our customers will find particularly useful for their walking sticks and canes. These include a brand new sprung cane holder, and a tripod rubber ferrule tip to add to the end of your stick.

New Sprung Cane Holder with Reflective Band at the Stick & Cane Shop

The new cane holder sits alongside our other cane holders available online at the Stick and Cane Shop, but has an additional feature in that it is sprung, so that a ledge flips out when needed to provide a surface that you can use to hook your cane to any flat surface. This is truly an ideal accessory to help prevent your cane from falling over!  If you do find your cane falling over when you lean it against the wall when it is not in use, then this cane holder will be ideal. This black cane holder clips easily onto a stick and has a sprung plastic flap. So whenever you need to use it, just flip it out, and this will allow you to rest your stick on a table or work surface. This cane holder also has a reflective orange band for added safety at night. Please note that the cane in the image is for demonstration purposes only, and does not come with the cane holder.

New Tripod Rubber Ferrule Tip at the Stick & Cane Shop

Second in our new accessories is the Tripod Rubber Ferrule Tip for extra stability and balance. The rubber Tripod Ferrule can be attached to the end of your stick or cane to provide you with extra balance and stability, while also making your cane self-standing. Simply remove the existing ferrule on your cane and replace it with this one! The Tripod Ferrule also flexes as you walk, reducing impact on to your hands and wrists. This tripod ferrule is comfortable to use on most terrain, including grass, gravel and sand, as well as on stairs. It fits a variety of cane diameters and works for right or left hand use. Please note, as with the accessory above, the cane in the image is for demonstration purposes only. To see our full range of sticks and canes please visit the main area of the Stick and Cane Shop.

We are sure many of our customers will find these accessories useful, and at these great prices, they are certaily worthwhile to have to hand! Are there any particular accessories that you find useful? Please let us know in the comments section below, or on our Facebook and Twitter pages. It's always great to hear your feedback!

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