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Gift Ideas for Father's Day 2016

With Father Day nearly with us (Sunday 19th of June) a lot of us will be hunting around for that ideal gift for Dad. I know personally how difficult it can be to find that perfect present (funny how that rarely happens with gifts for mother!) and traditional lines of enquiry (e.g. bottle of whisky, and gag-gifts such as novelty socks) end up becoming a bit uninspired year on year. This year, why not give him something that will last, and he will get continuous use out of throughout the entire year?

Sticks & canes can certainly make an ideal present for Father's Day! We're not particularly suggesting day-to-day walking sticks here, but more our sticks for hiking & countryside walks, as well as our dress canes and collectors' canes. We truly have a selection to suit all types at the Stick & Cane Shop.

We have put together a selection of sticks that are suitable for all types of men out there, from the city gent to the outdoorsy type. With these gift ideas you really cannot go wrong. They will be a gift that will last for years and provide a great deal of enjoyment.

If you're in a rush and buying last minute, we have several delivery options available at checkout too, from standard delivery, express delivery to guaranteed next-day delivery and Saturday/Sunday delivery options. So why not take some inspiration from the selection we have today with these superb sticks and complete your order today?

Black Adjustable Trekking Pole with Shock Absorber

The Black Adjustable Trekking Pole with Shock Absorber is an ideal gift for the father that likes hillwalking. These telescopic hiking poles incorporate a shock-absorbing mechanism. Features a contour moulded handle with an adjustable wrist strap, metal tip and removable rubber ferrule and basket. They extend to 104cm and collapse to 68cm for easy transport and storage. Reduces strain on the wrists arms and joints. Popular with both serious and and occasional walkers who demand a lightweight, performance stick.

The dimensions of the telescopic hiking pole are:
  • Length is adjustable from 68cm to 104cm
  • Weight is 350g
  • The stick diameter is 19mm at the top and 12mm at the ferrule end
  • It is fitted with a metal tip with removable rubber ferrule
  • Supplied with hiking grip, wrist strap, rubber ferrule and basket
  • Will fit an RFD10 hiking pole ferrule#

Tirion Ascot Telescopic Leather Seat Stick

If your dad enjoys weekend trips out and about, the Tirion Ascot Telescopic Leather Seat Stick makes a good choice of present for Father's Day. Traditionally used as a hunting or shooting seat this adjustable stick also provides a comfortable seat when out walking. The stick seat is adjustable in height and has a genuine tan leather seat and trim to handles. Suitable for use on soft ground. It is a robust and well made seat stick and comes with a two year manufacturers guarantee. Made in Great Britain.

The dimensions of the adjustable seat stick are:
Length is adjustable from 74cm to 100cm
Height to seat when seated is adjustable from 55cm to 80cm
Weight is 930g
The stick diameter is 20mm
It is fitted a steel spike and folding ground plate
Will take a hiking pole ferrule for use on hard ground

Chrome Crutch Dress Stick

If you require a gift that will look great for special occasions, why not choose the exceedingly elegant Chrome Crook Handled Dress Cane is a fantastic evening cane for those special occasions in life. This walking stick features a chrome crutch handle fitted to a finely lacquered hardwood shaft. It is a combination of elegance and practicality.

The dimensions of the walking stick are:
  • Length is 92cm
  • Weight is 420g
  • The stick diameter tapers down to 16mm at the ferrule end
  • It is fitted with a metal ferrule
  • Will fit an "RF99" type rubber ferrule size 16mm internal diameter

Blackthorn Hiking Stave with Leather Wrist Loop

Blackthorn Hiking Stave with Leather Wrist Loop

Finally, for all the fathers out there who love a bit of rambling in the country, the Blackthorn hiking stave with leather wrist loop is an excellent choice. This beautifully strong hiking pole features one of the most sought-after woods for walking sticks. It is prixed for its rich colour and the characterful appearance created by its spiny thorns. The blackthorn wood has been lacquered and is from sustainable sources. This traditional walking stick is chest height and is very popular with walkers and hikers. Features combi-ferrule.

The dimensions of the hiking stave are:
  • Length is approximately 125cm
  • Weight is 510g
  • The stick diameter at the top just under the handle is aprox 26mm and tapers down to 20mm at the ferrule end.
  • It is fitted with a combi-ferrule
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