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Gift Ideas for Christmas - Trekking & Hiking Poles for the Great Outdoors

With Christmas just around the corner, many of us are looking for that ideal gift for a friend or family member, so our blog posts over the next few weeks will be taking a thematic look through our numerous sticks and canes to provide you with a lovely array of gift ideas.  If you have an avid countryside rambler, hillwalker, or even a mountaineer in your family, then you'll definitely want to read further...

This week we decided to take a wee browse through our trekking and hiking poles. Available in a range of different styles and colours, our range of telescopic hiking poles is ideal for those of you who have friends and family that enjoy cross-country walks or hillwalking ascents and descents. These walking poles provide the user with extra stability on uneven terrain, and help to relieve pressure on leg muscles and joints. Our hiking poles are available singly, or in packs of two for those who enjoy Nordic walking. These telescopic hiking and trekking poles are available in a wide range that will suit all budgets. Many of these come with an added shock absorbing mechanism, that will help prevent jarring of muscles and joints while in use.

So if you are looking for the ideal gift for that outdoorsy person in your life, why not treat them to one of these? These will be a present that will be used all year round, and will last for years to come! Remember, we offer an excellent delivery service too, so you can take the stress out of Christmas shopping this year and be sure that your item will arrive with fully tracked delivery in 2-3 days by standard delivery, or for a little extra, you can receive it the next day (if ordered before noon) with our express delivery option. So why not sit back and order from the comfort of your own home today.

Folding Trekking Pole - Moorland Grey

The Folding Trekking Pole in Moorland Grey colour is an excellent entry-level trekking pole that will help to reduce the load borne by the walker's legs. A single pole used in the manner of a traditional walking stick gives support and balance on easy terrain, while a pair of poles is recommended for more difficult walks. Folding, lightweight and telescopic. With clear plastic pouch. Upright handle, wrist strap. Available in other colours.

The dimensions of the adjustable walking stick are:
  • Length is adjustable from 115cm to 125cm
  • Length when folded is 42cm
  • Weight is 420g
  • The stick diameter is 19mm
  • It is fitted with a RFD10 hiking pole ferrule size with a 10mm internal diameter

Aluminium Telescopic Hiking Pole - Crutch Grip - Red

The Red Aluminium Telescopic Hiking Pole with Crutch Grip is an extendible hiking pole that incorporates every desirable feature, including shock-absorbing inserts with an on/off mechanism for climbing or descending, contour moulded handle with an adjustable wrist strap, carbide steel tip and removable rubber ferrule and basket. They extend to 135cm and collapse to 68cm for easy transport and storage. Reduces strain on the wrists arms and joints. Popular with both serious and and occasional walkers who demand a lightweight, performance stick.

The dimensions of the telescopic hiking pole are:
  • Length is adjustable from 66cm to 132cm
  • Weight is 320g
  • The stick diameter is 18mm
  • It is fitted with a tungsten metal spike with removable rubber ferrule
  • Supplied with hiking grip, wrist strap, rubber ferrule and basket
  • Will fit an RFD10 hiking pole ferrule

Pair Nordic Walking Poles - Moulded Handles

These Nordic Walking Poles are proving very popular. Nordic Walking is a unique form of exercise which burns up more calories than normal walking and exercises the upper body at the same time as the lower body. Contour moulded handle with a unique adjustable wrist strap, carbide steel tip and removable rubber ferrule and basket.

The dimensions of the walking stick are:
  • Length is adjustable from 85cm to 140cm
  • Weight of each pole is 250g
  • The stick diameter is 18mm
  • It is fitted with a carbide steel tip ferrule with removable rubber ferrule
  • Supplied with contour cork handle, wrist strap, removable rubber ferrule and basket
  • The stick diameter at the top just under the handle is 22mm and tapers down to 19mm at the ferrule end
  • Will fit an RFD10 hiking pole ferrule

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