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Gift Ideas for Christmas - Folding Sticks

There are only 20 days left until Christmas, and even fewer shopping days left, so many of us are thinking about those ideal gift ideas for our loved ones this year. If you are looking for a bit more inspiration for your present buying this year, why not consider one of our folding walking sticks?

The wide range of folding sticks at the Stick & Cane Shop is one of our more popular options with our customers. Comfortable and easy to use, these sticks have the added advantage of being very portable when not in use - the shaft can be taken apart and folded up easily so that it can be stored away safely or transported. This is ideal for people who need an occasional-use walking aid, or for people who have a range of sticks they like to use on different days, and need to store the others away for safe keeping when not in use.

Today we thought we would look closely at the different folding sticks that we are sure would make wonderful gift ideas this year.  We have chosen the following from our range:

Elite Derby Folding Sticks

Our Elite folding sticks can be found in our Derby Folding Sticks range at the Stick & Cane Shop. The Derby folding walking stick is a very popular style and it has a slight hook to the handle which allows it to be hung over the wrist, leaving the hands free. These sticks are also foldable, so they are ideal if you are looking for a portable stick that you can fold away when not in use. Our Elite Derby Folding Sticks have a gorgeous range of designs available that will suit most tastes. Whether you are looking for something floral or a bit more abstract, we are sure our range of Elite Derby Folding Sticks would make a wonderful stocking filler this year!

Handbag Folding Sticks

Another range of folding sticks that our customers love is the beautiful range of fashionable handbag folding walking sticks. Compared to the standard-folding stick that generally folds up into 4-sections, these fold up to a smaller size since they have a 5-section shaft. They can therefore be neatly folded to a size that makes them extremely easy to carry in a handbag or even a large pocket when not in use. However, even though they have this additional portability, and are lightweight, they still provide strong and stable support. I'm sure these would make a superb present for a loved one this year.

Anatomical Handled Folding Sticks

If you have a loved one who finds standard handles a bit uncomfortable to use, we have an option that will help relieve hand-strain - the Anatomical Handled Folding Stick. Not only do these sticks have the portability benefits seen in folding sticks, but they come with anatomically-designed handles that provide a better ergonomic fit for either left- or right-handed use.

By fitting the contours of the hand accurately, anatomical handles allow the shaft of the stick to bear the weight of the user more exactly, reducing wear and tear on the hand muscles and joints, and thereby reducing any problems with hand or arm pain when in use. The result is a much more comfortable walking experience for the user. A very thoughtful gift idea this Christmas!
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